The collaborative making, deconstruction and distribution of digital artefacts.


Welcome to Remix Cinema: the collaborative making, deconstruction and distribution of digital artefacts, a workshop exploring the role of audio-visual remix practices in contemporary digital culture. On this site you will find abstracts of all the exciting talks that were presented on March 24 & 25, 2011 by academics and practitioners from 10 different countries, as well as information on the artists and speakers who performed at Modern Art Oxford as part of the series of Bonus Tracks.

The Remix Cinema Workshop was organised by the Oxford Internet Institute – OII (University of Oxford) in collaboration with UNIA Prácticas y Culturas Digitales (Universidad Internacional de Andalucía – UNIA) and funded by the Beyond Text programme of the Arts & Humanities Research Council – AHRC. Remix Cinema took take place on 24th and 25th March 2011 in St. Antony’s College, Oxford University.

A new mailing list for remix scholars!

One of the main conclusions we reached after this event is that scholars interested in remix might benefit substantially from a specialised forum in which they can communicate with peers studying such practices. For that purpose, we have created a new mailing list (powered by JISCmail) called “Remix practices and cultures.” Although the Remix Cinema workshop was particularly focused on the role of audiovisual remix practices in the context of digital culture, this list is aimed at a wider group of researchers, examining remix practices of any kinds from a social, cultural, historical, aesthetic, political, economic, legal, technical, or interdisciplinary point of view.

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We are looking very much forward to having you in the conversation!

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